Episode 1 - Welcome to Maneuvering  

Welcome! We’re two friends, Shanah and Michaela, sorting through the politics of our lived experiences. In this first episode join us as we share our beginning stories into feminism! We maneuver through our similarities and differences to explore when our personal really become political.

Episode 2 - Friendship  

In this episode we delve into how we form friendships, and the ways feminism has informed the way we make friendships as women. We maneuver through the narratives such as girl power, female solidarity and being a girl’s girl to question what a feminist friendship really looks like.

Episode 3 - Inter-Racial Friendships

Episode 3 is here! We loved talking about friendships so much we decided to extend the conversation to inter-racial friendships. In this episode we extract ideas from the book Big Friendship and discuss how racism can creep into friendship, in very subtle ways. 

Episode 4 - Family

Family is one of the constants in life, so in this episode we take you through the ins and outs of our family structures. What defines family closeness? What is your definition of family? How do you maneuver through the trials and tribulations of being part of a family network? We answer it all in this episode of Maneuvering.

Episode 5 - A Mother's Day Special

In this episode, Shanah sits down with her Mum to talk about her life when she was younger, navigating her teenage years, marriage and motherhood as young first generation immigrant. We talk about generational feminism and the way culture influenced our lives in similar ways.

Episode 6 - Success and Comparison

Why are we told we have to “make it” in life at the youngest age? Is the "girl-boss" narrative actually feminist? In this episode we unpack the idea of success and why we are fed these myths about what constitutes success with a healthy dose of privilege-checking. We also share our own ideas of success and how we personally mitigate the plague of comparison.

Episode 7 - Reproductive Sexism

Get married, settle down, and have kids… it’s not for everyone. In this episode we take an feminist’s tour through parenthood, reproductive justice, and fertility to discuss how these change our perception of our own futures. What double standards exist between men and women in reproduction, contraception and the “biological clock”?

Episode 8 - Diet Culture and Sizeism

Society tells us everywhere that a thin body is more attractive, worthy and belongs. This is systematic sizeism. In this episode we reflect on how sizeism has shown up in our lives through diet culture, media, and friendships with other women. We unravel our own implicit biases around weight and shed light on important activism happening to combat such biases.

Episode 9 - The South-Asian Community

This episode is all about Shanah’s favourite topic in feminism… misogyny in the South-Asian community. Shanah unpacks her experience of the Muslim South-Asian community and brings to light patriarchal sexism, the institution of “aunties”, and how shame and guilt are used to police women.

Episode 10 - Personal Boundaries 

In this episode we talk all about personal boundaries - what they are, when we have set boundaries, why they are useful in separating our needs and feelings from others. We also discuss what challenges we have faced when communicating a boundary with a friend and why the notion of boundaries, popularised by social media, can be problematic.

Episode 11 - Things that Bring us Joy 

We are lifting the mood in this episode by talking about things that bring us joy while we are fighting the patriarchy. We discuss the concept of “joy as survival” from many feminist authors, and then reflect on how we personally find joy by talking about the simple things in life and also reveal some guilty pleasures too.

Episode 12 - A Burst of Light by Audre Lorde 

In this episode we turn to a remarkable feminist in history, Audre Lorde, who maneuvers through her journey with cancer in her book, A Burst of Light. Michaela takes Shanah on a journey through Audre's journal entries while she was suffering with cancer and how this related to her feminism. We also reflect on living with a loved-one suffering from cancer and the trials and tribulations it brings.

Episode 13 - Another Mother's Day Special 

We welcome another mother, this time Michaela’s mom to the show to have a conversation in celebration of Mother’s Day in the US. Michaela and her mom share a truly candid conversation around growing up in New York, her Scottish heritage, family and motherhood.