We're Shanah and Michaela, Co-hosts of Maneuvering. 


We became friends when we were both teaching in the vibrant city of Madrid and quickly connected over our shared joy in activist spaces.

We bonded over our love for education, activism, and feminism and slowly began to weave the personal into our politics.


A year later we decided to start this podcast project together to learn about one another and maneuver through the politics of our lived experiences.  

Maneuvering Hosts

"Our acts against oppression become integral with self, motivated and empowered from within."

- Audre Lorde - 

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Hey I’m Michaela! I’m an Upper-Midwestern American settling into my mid 20s in Madrid, Spain. Raised in a family that encouraged me to travel and find my voice, I’ve moved around a lot the past few years. I’ve always loved listening and storytelling, and living in my second language has opened a new world of stories and experiences to me. I’m an educator and audio producer, and in my spare time I enjoy people-watching and wandering around Madrid.​

I'm a 23 year old South-Asian born in raised in Glasgow, Scotland. I'm a second generation immigrant and I grew up in the vibrant South-Asian community. I come from a large family that celebrates Muslim culture and traditions. Since I was young, I've precariously balanced living in a predominantly white culture and growing up in a Pakistani household. I’ve always nudged through racist-patriarchal barriers and voiced my opinion at micro-injustices in the South-Asian community.

I'm a MA candidate in International Relations with the dream of working in diplomacy.

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Join us as we maneuver through our lived experience with conversations about feminism, anti-racism, mental health, identity and much more...